Selling to luxury retailers across the world is our main activity at DISTRI-BRANDS from small independent luxury stores to large distribution chains.

We aim at building a selective distribution for each of our brands & product categories. We achieve this objective through our global network of professional agents and distributors who are committed to implement locally our brands’ strategies.

The retail distribution for fashion accessories is versatile and always requires a perfect local implementation to fit properly market specificities. So together with our local partners we take the time to identify the most fitted distribution channels for each of our brands and product categories. Our goal is to develop an optimal distribution that would meet our customer’s demand and while fully respecting our brands’ image.

We serve the following type of retail customers:

Writing instruments specialty stores

Being small independent stores or larger chains, traditional luxury writing instruments stores are central customers to us. DISTRI-BRANDS has built over the years a very strong reputation among writing instrument speciality stores as one of the best supplier from the industry with ultra short delivery time, constant product availability and perfect after sales services. Fashion watch & jewellery stores

The fashion & jewellery distribution network is growing in importance every year.

It is a highly competitive environment where retailers are constantly looking for new and alternative products to sweeten their products’ mix and we are proud to bring a different approach to them. We offer them alternative product categories such as fashion writing instruments and improved distribution margins.

Gift stores

Many of our products are purchased to be offered as gifts. So the luxury gift retail network is a very natural distribution channel for us. Typically these stores will feature a broader assortment than fully specialized stores. We concentrate on approaching stores that would well fit with our brands and categories.

Department stores

Department stores have always been places where shoppers love to buy luxury accessories. We are proud to work with the most prestigious department stores globally, building dedicated corners and shops in shops for our products and brands.