Cerruti 1881

In 1881, Antonio Cerruti founded a textile factory in Biella, an Italian town known for a rich heritage in the production of quality wool and fabrics.

The Cerruti name has expanded from luxury fabrics to renowned fashion, never losing sight of its core values of quality and style mixed with artisanal craftsmanship and technology. Over the decades, Cerruti 1881 has shown that quality modern style should not only be attractive and well thought out, but also innovative and sophisticated.

Today, Cerruti 1881 produces an extensive men's ready-to-wear line that remains true to the brand's distinctive philosophy. The brand's product range includes perfumes, leather goods, watches, jewelry, eyewear, ties, shoes and writing instruments.

Cerruti 1881 has taken an ambitious and creative approach to becoming the finest contemporary menswear brand, while remaining true to the brand's own culture. The sense of design and the search for ever more elaborate materials contribute to the label's innate elegance. The Cerruti 1881 collection is aimed at men who appreciate good taste and elegance, but also the most subtle details such as the precision of fabrics and finishes.

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